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Learn the Basics with Guitar Classes

Every now and then people see things in a complicated way. I know sometimes I do. But to get guitar classes doesn’t need to be complicated. First things first, you have to get a guitar and then you need a jamorama review. That´s how simple this needs to be.

Well, playing guitar can be a very fun moment or your life if you seriously want to play it. At first, it is normal to get frustrated a bit and to believe that the guitar is complicated, but the truth is that it isn’t.

The “tools” you should have to begin learning guitar are: a great guitar, a pick (probably more than one, for some supernatural reason they tend to mysteriously go away) a pc with access to the internet (you already have it if you are reading this), about an hour a day to practice and the desire to learn.

The first thing you need to know is the chords. It will probably be difficult the first couple of days, but normally after a few days practicing for at least one hour a day you will feel the difference. The guitar will begin to feel better and your fingertips will begin to be stronger.

After knowing to play the major and minor chords, the moment has come to start playing songs. You should have one or two in your list; you just have to make sure to pick easy songs. Do not attempt to start with a difficult song that will only lead you to get bored, if you do this, you will probably start to lose desire in mastering the guitar.

After you know how to play a couple of songs, the next step is to practice finger exercises such as a minor pentatonic scale or any other exercise. To get your fingers to move quicker, practice with these exercises and you will feel the how they work in a couple of weeks. Remember, the secret is to play every day.
Now is the moment to become serious.

After you have learned all that you are going to able to play songs and your fingers will feel comfortable on the strings. This will not happen fast, it usually takes about four months to learn the basics.

Now, a great thing you can do is learning how to read tabs. Reading tabs is not difficult at all, in fact, many players, a lot of good musicians never actually get to learn to read music, they don´t think is necessary. Now, I´m not saying that you should not learn how to read music; but at first you could improve your skills a lot just by mastering how to read tabs.

Also, finding a guitar buddy is a very good idea. You can exchange tips and lessons that will make you learn guitar faster.

Excited? You should be. Scared? Not at all, playing guitar is easy. The difference between an average guitarist and a master on the guitar is consistency. To play guitar is not a destination, is a journey (that’s a phrase I like very much), you will always discover something new to learn; there are literally hundreds of lessons out there. The best thing you can do is getting a guitar learning softare to start playing right now. Remember to practice every day and have fun.

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