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Who is Your Favorite Guitar Player?

History has given us many great guitar players. Since my favourite kinda of music is Heavy Metal, I feel safe to say that one of my all time favourites is Kirk "The Reaper" Hammet. I've only had one chance to see him live, but I gotta tell you, this was a powerful and exciting experience. Guatemala was the place. Hopefully Metallica will come back to Central America soon

Is Slash better than Buckethead? Yes, in my opinion. Is it faster? probably not. I think that bucket head has a great technique, but It would probably sound better in a band like Stratovarious... or Dragonforce. For me, Slash has the perfect style for Guns 'n Roses. I also enjoyed Velvet Revolver... Too bad they broke up too. I just wish that Slash had not done that video with Paulina Rubio... that song sucks.

Then whe have Steve Vai.... I little bit too psychodelic for my taste but I have to recognize that as a guitar player I have never seen anyone like him before. Is prescence on stage leaves you wanting for more.

What about Iron Maiden? Dave Murray is a great guitaritst too... Live his speed goes up about 3 times. The energy this folks transmit to the crowd is excellent. Hopefully I'll be able to see them live before the Year ends...

I wish that in my country (El Salvador) had the same opportunities as many guitarists have in the U.S. I've been trying to google the best guitar players from El Salvador, and haven't been able to find a name.

I know a few, of course, but looks like they are only known here. There are good news for us salvadorean musicians. The drummer that plays for Morbid Angel is salvadorean... There are chances for us... we just have to fight for them

Who is YOUR role model?

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