viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Online Guitar Lessons – What To Expect From Them

There are normally two methods to learn the guitar, Online and Offline. Probably 10 or 15 years ago this was not the case. Back then it was necessary to look for a teacher willing to teach guitar or, we could have joined a music school, which is still a very good idea to learn the guitar if time and money are not an issue.

Now, if you choose to learn the guitar online, it is a fact that you are going to wonder what to expect from a video course. Well, in my opinion, this methods are very complete, yes, there is a variety of methods out there, and more than often there is not just one top program, but there are quite a few that can really teach you to play guitar.

You can expect, from these video courses, very specific and pretty good explanations about the technique you are learning. I.E., if you are learning a lesson about Tuning Up your guitar, the video will teach you very slowly how to do it, and it is goint to repeat, within the video, how to do it. And here comes the beauty of it, let’s say that you do not need to watch the explanation again, you simply move ahead and your tutor can’t get upset.

Another great thing that guitar lessons online give, is that you improve more quickly than if you go to a music institute, because your improvement will not depend on the slowest person in the class. The downside of it is that by not having a personal teacher, you won’t be able to ask a question and get an answer right away, however, almost all of these courses offer 24/7 support, to get a professional answer from an expert.

When learning the guitar with video lessons you not only determine what lessons to skip and what lessons to take over and over, based on the results you see. Now, the idea of having a method is to stick to it, but since you have to be self motivated, you are able to decide what lessons to do, this way, you will not get frustrated. That being said, that is in fact a common problem when starting to play guitar. Sometimes people try to move too quickly, that they get frustrated and quit.

Commonly this type of courses are divided in beginners, intermediate and advanced lessons; I do not know if all of them are like that, I have not tried them all yet, but, the ones I have had the opportunity to use are indeed a powerful tool to learn how to play and to improve my techniques.

So, you get very good explanations, friendly support, you get to learn at your own pace, and probably the best part for a lot of people, you do not need to move from your house to get them. I never get tired of saying this, it is really crucial to practice every day, especially when you begin to learn. Good luck and have a nice day.

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