lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Easy Lessons to Learn the Guitar Online

A lot of men have New Year's resolutions, I’m Sure I do. For some of them is to learn the guitar online, or any other musical instrument. For others is to quit smoking or getting into a gym. It is for sure tough, that among the top ten resolutions for 2011, one of them is to learn something new.

Now, to grab a guitar is a lot like anything else, the hardest step is to start. To start playing, all you need at first is spirit and time to practice. Before, it was necessary to have a boring text book or to find an experienced musician, now, due to the facility to access the internet most people have, and the variety of lessons out there it is not difficult at all to start to learn.

So, what is lesson number one? Get your own guitar. Sounds pretty obvious, but some people normally what they do, they have met someone who has a guitar and they ask for it to start. Unless the friend that borrows you the guitar has another guitar, this is not a pretty good idea, because eventually he or she will want his or her guitar again and you are going to interrupt your lessons.

Lesson number two: learn how to keep your guitartuned up. Once you have learned to tune up the guitar, the notes you will make by playing the chords right will be so good that you will love it, besides; nobody likes the sound of an instrument that is not tuned up. Also this is a great way to educate your hearing and later on you will be able to know the notes even if you are not looking them.

Lesson number three: learn the chords. OK, we own a guitar, we have it tuned up, the following step is where the real learning process starts, besides, this is the point where the real fun starts. First it is necessary to know the major chords: C - D - E - F -D -G-A-B, then the minor chords. Once you have learned the chords you can begin to learn easy songs, there are quite a few that you can use to practice, and maybe, you will also discover that you have a singing voice, wouldn't that be awesome?

Lesson number four: Warm up exercises. What are these exercises? With them you will start to feel pretty lose, you'll become faster and your fingertips will get used to the strings.

Lesson number five: Get a good teacher or a great guitar course online. If you know someone that can personally teach you that is good, but if you do not, there are some powerful alternatives online that are a real time and money saver to continue your learning process. Remember, to continue practicing is the only way to learn to play guitar.

Having a course to follow is a smart thing to do because you will own a guide that will take you to the upper level at your own pace. Later on you can specialize into the music type of your preference, whether it is country, blues, jazz, rock, metal, Spanish... Most guitar courses online are very complete that way. Have fun.

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