miércoles, 29 de junio de 2011

Three Main Characteristics of Great Guitar Players

In this road of finding the best guitar course, of turning into a great musician and an outstanding guitar player, there are problems in the way sometimes, that might make you believe like it is an frustrating issue, but then again, if you search for your favorite band, Like one of the best in my opinion Kirk Hammet, what he does on the guitar seems like it can´t be done sometimes, but the important thing here is that if he can do it, then you achieve it as well; Kirk is a very talented guitar player, no questions there, in fact, what I mean is that what he does is something you can learn.

Now, starting to play guitar can be an awesome experience for you, or it could be just a frustrating memory, it depends on your approach, on your will to master an instrument and ultimately it is up to you to step up and make a decision. Of course, you do have to put some effort to see results on your end, and trust me, you will love it; to learn guitar is in many ways the path to an entire new world, the world of music, but more important than that, the world of making your own music.

Now, you can see and hear how a lot of people love the guitar legends such as Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Slash or Joe Satriani, and yes, it looks like they are from another world, they make it look so simple when we know that it is not simple at all; the truth is that on one hand, they were born with the talent, but on the other side, behind their skills there are years of guitar lessons, courses, lessons and above all, endless hours of practice.

The main quality all of them have in common besides their guitar skills is their will, it is their attitude to make things like nobody has before and their love for music; you can see for yourself through time that the people that succeed, the ones that stand in front of thousands are who they are because they created a new way to play guitar, they did not sit down to see how the world turns around, they wrote their names down into history.

There are three important characteristics that every musician needs to focus on to improve his or her skills and stand out from the crowd:

Play guitar every day: This is the most crucial of all three, by practicing everyday you get an advantage that many people don´t have. You get to get a lot better really fast by taking the time to practice every day.

Open your eyes – Expand your horizons: Go beyond your comfort zone, try to find new bands to listen to, new music, or maybe the olides that you haven´t listened to yet. The Woodstock generation had a lot of great bands back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, (I´m in my mid-twenties).

Self control: You need to be motivated and have discipline to practice on your own either if you get lessons from a private teacher, or if you are teaching guitar yourself with online guitar lessons.

By applying these main principles from the beginning you will be able to cross the line that a lot of people don´t and you will start looking at them over your shoulder; remember, learning guitar is a never ending process, there is always a new lesson to learn or create. If you want to, you are capable of making a difference, have a great day my friend.

martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Five Steps to Play Guitar in a Whole New Level

I have seen a lot of people starting to play guitar, but very few take it seriously, meaning that just some of them end up mastering it. This is proof that a lot of them stop learning after knowing the basic stuff because they never found the best way to practice guitar, and do not see how it can become an endless music journey. The thing is that to improve like a professional it is important to see things with an open mind, to have an outsider’s perspective to notice what you are doing well and in what you could do better.

There have been moments in which I have felt frustrated and blocked, times in life when I really just don’t see the light, and experience has given me a lesson, that there is alwaysanother way to do things, maybe it’s not exactly what we were expecting, but the truth is that there is most of the time something that can be done when we get to a moment where we see that there is something wrong.

Alright, so you have learned how to play guitar, and you have been playing songs for some time now, maybe a year or less, or even maybe for a couple of years, and you see that you have gotten into that point that I was talking about previously, what can you do? For starters you need to consider is that it is normal to think like that, and as I said before, there are ways to start practicing guitar that will help you and I am going to give you a few ideas you can use to get a fresh start.

1. Stop playing guitar for a while. Take a moment, just relax and consider it for a minute, if you stop playing guitar for let’s say seven days or so, when you start playing again you are going to have this feeling to start practicing again and that is a good thing, it will be as if you a recharging batteries.

2. Expand your mp3 playlist. Let’s say that you are into punk music, then try listening to some country, blues or some jazz guitar players and when you listen to a song that you like, try to play it reading tablature or if you know how to read music, look for the music sheet for that song in particular.

3. Look for new scales to learn on your guitar. Now that you are listening to a different type of music, try to learn a couple of scales of blues and jazz, and this will be good for you to get your fingers get faster, and you are going to get a better idea to start making up awesome solos on your guitar.

4. Set up your Metronome. Now that you are trying new scales on the guitar, use this device to practice them and start putting some speed on your hands.

5. Look for inspiration. Start searching around for dvds of your favorite guitar players, that feeling you get from watching them on stage is the fuel you need to start improving your guitar skills immediately.

These are just a few tips that you can start applying to improve your skills as a guitarist. Take a cup of coffee, think about it and do the right thing, do you want to be like everybody out there that only learn how to play a couple of songs or do you want to explode your full potential? Think about it, good luck my friend.

sábado, 11 de junio de 2011

Three Simple Tools For Starting to Play Guitar Online

There are moments in life when we wish we had a friend stopping us from doing that mistake that resulted in a waste of time, and to learn to play guitar online can be a little bit tricky if we do not overcome those demons that whisper into our ears that to learn to play guitar is not for you, that you need to continue playing guitar hero and having fun that way.

I remember when I began my career as a guitarist about a decade ago, I still remember the smell of my acoustic guitar, the gear that my parents had bought me and the set of strings for me to put on the guitar, although I had no idea on how to put strings on a guitar, but yet, it was a great moment for me to see that I was a couple of steps away of doing what a lot of teenagers wanted to do back then, to start rocking with a guitar.

Well, it is easy to get frustrated specially in the first couple of weeds if you do not possess the correct tools to learn to play, now, I want to give you a warning and tell you that it is important to consider small details that can make a huge difference in the long term.

For instance let me show you what you should have done by now to start taking the guitar seriously:

1. A classical guitar. Don´t even consider getting an electric guitar if you haven’t dominated a classical guitar, you are going to feel that you are not going anywhere because your hands will feel a lot of pain and trust me, this is not a thing you want to deal with on your first couple of days as a serious guitarist.

2. A metronome. This is any device that produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks) — settable in beats per minute. This great thing is really helpful to start getting a sense of rhythm in your head and to practice finger exercises and becomes handy later on to do warm up and stretching exercises to start playing more difficult riffs and solos.

3. Buy Jamorama. The thing is that you can’t get better at what you don’t measure and by having a course to stick to you actually get to see what to do and what to avoid to start getting a lot better very fast. By doing this you are able to measure if you are doing a good job or if you do have to work on some specific things about your guitar playing.

The important thing of having these three tools is that you get the opportunity to improve a lot quicker than if you choose to learn guitar without them, and more important than that, you start to play guitar with the right foot, there are other tools that are required to improve your skills, but they will start to appear in the way, stuff like guitar books and more advanced lessons; what I have mentioned you is just a very basic list of things that can help you start improving in a very easy way.

I encourage you to begin practicing guitar with the proper method and to never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, if somebody ever tells you that, respond: “watch me” and go ahead and do it. Follow your dreams and never stop playing. Good luck.

martes, 7 de junio de 2011

To say: "I Can't Do It" Is Unacceptable

I´ve been playing guitar for about ten years now and there have been moments in my journey that I have said "I can´t Learn To Play Guitar, this is too hard for me". Time has taught me that it is absurd to even consider something like that, since we are capable of doing a lot more than we actually imagine. The truth is as Henry Ford says, If you think that you can, then you can, If you think that you can't, then you can't, either way, you are right.

Before I Move on, I do want to make a small comercial... a great idea to learn guitar very fast is to purchase Jamorama, I truly believe that it is one of the best guitar courses out there and makes the guitar learning process a lot easier and fun with all the bonuses they add to it.

Ok, that being said and released from my chest, a very important thing to take into consideration is that it is all about the attitude, and for this I want to share a little story with you.

I have had many jobs in different places, I have been a customer service rep in a couple of call centers, I have been a sales executive for a bank, I have been an English teacher and I even opened my own coffe house in the back of my house. You see, I am an entreprenour, and the reason I have tried so many different things is because I did not had clear what I really wanted to do with my life... until about a month ago. I have written down what I am going to do and where I want to be in five years from now. Enough, my point is that I never give up, I continue searching and fighting for my dreams, as you should too.

When it comes to learn to play guitar, the best thing you can do is to find the best way to practice guitar, stick to it and play every day, make your own routines, start writing down what you want to do and where you want to be in the future and you get a better perspective of the present.

I hope this post is not to rambled on, bottom line what I want to say is good luck and fight for your dreams. Follow your dreams baby, cuz we all die young.

domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Poweful tips when Learning to Play Guitar

To learn to play guitar online is a fabulous experience and there are a few things to take into account when learning to play guitar, most of the time are obvious things, but these basic facts can make a huge difference when you start and a lot of people take them for granted. It is a fact that many beginners quit within the first 3 months because they feel frustrated, and I want to give you a heads up by giving you important tips on starting to play guitar.

There is a famous quote that I like a lot that says: “when the student is ready, the master appears”, well, I’m not here to tell you that I´m the master that knows it all, however based on my personal experience as a musician and as a music instructor I want to point out a couple of things that will be helpful on this journey of mastering the guitar.

I am going to start mentioning the three things that you need to do to master the guitar the easy and fun way:

1. Purchase your own guitar. This is very important because you are going to start creating a sense of responsibility; I’m saying this because if you decide to learn to play guitar with someone else’s guitar, you are not going to take it as seriously as if it was your own guitar, because it is not yours in the first place. So, the at the very beginning you need to get your own guitar.

2. Practice a lot. Now, this might seem pretty obvious, but the truth is that a lot of people do not succeed because they don´t plan ahead time to play guitar every day, specially the first couple of weeks, which is the time your hands need to get used to the fretboard and for you to feel comfortable with your guitar.

3. Buy Jamorama. For this point, I want to share with you my personal experience. When I was about thirteen years old a cousin of mine showed me how to play basic guitar, and that’s all I learned from him, so I spent almost eleven months playing the same songs because I did not have a course to follow. Then I stepped up to improve my skills, so I convinced my parents to pay for lessons, and those lessons were pretty expensive by the way, and I noticed how much I had been missing from the guitar.

That being said let me point out the main 3 things you need to avoid when learning guitar:

1. Starting to play with a damaged guitar. Try to find a nice guitar to learn to play, the reason this is a smart thing to do is because your hearing will get used to the sound of that instrument, and you could believe that the way you play it is the correct way it should sound.

2. Start playing with an electric guitar first. You will feel more pain on an electric guitar than if you start learning on an acoustic guitar. Playing an electric guitar could lead you to quit and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

3. Leaving your guitar in a dusty corner. It’s all right to skip one day of playing, we all have several things to do every day, but don’t make a habit out of this, because by doing this you’ll find yourself playing the same song, over and over again. I know that because it happened to me.

I encourage you to download an easy to follow course online and to practice as often as you can, you will find that playing guitar is a very cool hobby and relaxing too. I hope you find this article useful and I wish you the best. Good luck and happy learning.

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Purchase Jamorama and Starting to Play Guitar Becomes Simple

Starting to play guitar by yourself is catalogued as a hard thing to do, and here is why. Many people believe that it is necessary to have a private tutor to talk with and to see exactly how everything is done, and don´t get me wrong, that is a great way to learn too, but is has become very expensive to learn to play the traditional way.

When you buy jamorama, you receive a top learn to play guitar software that enables you to start learning guitar from zero and to start creating a very solid foundation to be able to play different styles of skills. Many people that already know how to play chords in a non difficult way hesitate about signing up for a learning guitar, because they want to know if their investment will be a smart one.

Most of beginners do not continue learning new stuff after they learn how to play a couple of songs. Yes, they move on to learning things that do not require a lot of effort; since learning how to play chords is more than enough to have fun with literally hundreds of songs, but they forget that this instrument has no limits and it is an ongoing process. There is always something new to learn when it comes to playing guitar.

The truth is that the Jamorama Guitar course is made to help and train beginners; however it comes with plenty of material for intermediate guitarists that helps to improve the skills of about just everyone who wants to become better at playing guitar and being a musician. In other words, Jamorama is an excellent and powerful tool not just for newbies, but for people who has been playing guitar for a while and would like to make an impression with their music.

There are three main Jamorama components that make this software an important tool for intermediate guitar players, and these are:

• The Lead Lessons eBook
• The Advanced Learning Techniques eBook
• The Lead Licks Video Lessons

The advantage of having these tools is that you are going to learn techniques to have a lot more knowledge and you will begin to perform in a whole new level. By practicing new things, you will begin to see a whole new world of opportunities and it is just going to make sense.

Improving your guitar skills is easy and fun when you have the proper method to follow. There is a whole world of things out there waiting to be learned by you. Just to mention a couple of the things that you can learn is finger picking, sweep picking, guitar scales, solo creation, songs creations… any way, the world is your oyster. Good luck and have a wonderful day my friend.

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Starting To Play Guitar to Make your Dreams Come True

I remember when I was starting to play guitar. Those were the days... when I had nothing to do but to play guitar, then soccer and zelda: a link to the past... those were the days.

I makes me wonder how my life would be If I hadn´t listened to my mother when she told me that I was not going to make a living out of it. She wanted the best for me... but she was wrong. The truth is that I studied business administration because I had no clue of what I really wanted, well, actually I did but I had that wrong idea implanted in my head that it wasn´t going to be possible for me to have a salary based on my music.

I want to share with you that if you have a dream... follow it and don´t listen to anybody, not even to your parents... or I should say, SPECIALLY to your parents, yes, they want the best for you, but as a reflection of their lives. You should only listen to them if they come and tell you, "Follow your dreams".

A cool movie that motivates me every time I see it is "A knights tale"... that movie is crazy but it has a very profound message, and that message is that you can always change your stars... It happened to me actually. It was only after I finished my studies that I realized that that is far far away from what I really want in life. Now, to be fair, I did learn a lot in college, met a lot of cool people and figured how ways to actually achieve things, but to spend all my day at an office wearing a tie from 8 to 5 or sometimes later... No thanks.

So anyway, coming back to the process of learn to play guitar... I did actually began learning guitar alone, but after almost a year playing the same few songs over and over again I realized that there is a whole world out there, there are literally thousands, upon thousands of songs and techniques waiting to be mastered by me, so I started my guitar lessons with a private tutor, and they were worth it, very expensive, but worth it.

Bottom line, what I want to say is that to learn guitar is one of the best things I could have done, maybe I'm not slash, kirk hammet or any of those fellas, but I managed a way to combine my knowledge with music to sustain my guitar business... It´s never too late to follow your dreams. Follow your dreams baby, cuz we all die young.

A small commercial... to make your guitar learning easy, buy jamorama at the best price, you won't regret it. It is right now one of the most popular learning guitar softwares available. Good Luck and have a great day.