martes, 14 de junio de 2011

Five Steps to Play Guitar in a Whole New Level

I have seen a lot of people starting to play guitar, but very few take it seriously, meaning that just some of them end up mastering it. This is proof that a lot of them stop learning after knowing the basic stuff because they never found the best way to practice guitar, and do not see how it can become an endless music journey. The thing is that to improve like a professional it is important to see things with an open mind, to have an outsider’s perspective to notice what you are doing well and in what you could do better.

There have been moments in which I have felt frustrated and blocked, times in life when I really just don’t see the light, and experience has given me a lesson, that there is alwaysanother way to do things, maybe it’s not exactly what we were expecting, but the truth is that there is most of the time something that can be done when we get to a moment where we see that there is something wrong.

Alright, so you have learned how to play guitar, and you have been playing songs for some time now, maybe a year or less, or even maybe for a couple of years, and you see that you have gotten into that point that I was talking about previously, what can you do? For starters you need to consider is that it is normal to think like that, and as I said before, there are ways to start practicing guitar that will help you and I am going to give you a few ideas you can use to get a fresh start.

1. Stop playing guitar for a while. Take a moment, just relax and consider it for a minute, if you stop playing guitar for let’s say seven days or so, when you start playing again you are going to have this feeling to start practicing again and that is a good thing, it will be as if you a recharging batteries.

2. Expand your mp3 playlist. Let’s say that you are into punk music, then try listening to some country, blues or some jazz guitar players and when you listen to a song that you like, try to play it reading tablature or if you know how to read music, look for the music sheet for that song in particular.

3. Look for new scales to learn on your guitar. Now that you are listening to a different type of music, try to learn a couple of scales of blues and jazz, and this will be good for you to get your fingers get faster, and you are going to get a better idea to start making up awesome solos on your guitar.

4. Set up your Metronome. Now that you are trying new scales on the guitar, use this device to practice them and start putting some speed on your hands.

5. Look for inspiration. Start searching around for dvds of your favorite guitar players, that feeling you get from watching them on stage is the fuel you need to start improving your guitar skills immediately.

These are just a few tips that you can start applying to improve your skills as a guitarist. Take a cup of coffee, think about it and do the right thing, do you want to be like everybody out there that only learn how to play a couple of songs or do you want to explode your full potential? Think about it, good luck my friend.

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