Jamorama Review

Website Reviewed: www.jamorama.com
To make this "Buy Jamorama" review, I had the oportunity to see the Jamorama Guitar Software from the inside, in other words, this guitarist has tested the course and  I can give you an honest review.
What the creator Ben Edwards has done is to compile great lessons to learn to play guitar that include from holding a guitar to how to create guitar solos.  Here is what you will get.
1. Instant Download vs Hardcopy Edition
You have the option of downloading the Jamorama course and this is actually the most popular choice. There is also the other option, that is getting the hard copy which includes the dvds/cds with the lessons and jamtracks to practice offline.

2. Get Started Immediately
Get started right away If you choose the download option of course. No waiting around, you are able to start in five minutes from now. This is great cuz nobody likes to wait. I know I don’t.
3. Step-by-Step Lessons
These step by step lessons are very cool. The fact that you can watch them as many times as you like is a powerful plus. They are very detailed and you can notice the experience of the instructor in the videos.
The whole concept of Jamorama is that you can be comfortable playing and learning each lesson at your own speed. You’ll get used to a lesson and it goes increasing the difficulty level.
4. over a Year of Guitar Lessons
There is over a year worth of guitar lessons with Jamorama to learn, and that is definitely a fair bit. If you think about it, a private guitar teacher can charge you up to $50/hour once a week, that would cost you up to $2600 for a year’s worth of private guitar lessons! Jamorama is certainly cost effective in comparison.
It was awesome how they teach you how to read tablature and fundamental music theory too. I didn’t get frustrated by it and it’s really handy to learn all of that, especially tablature. When you learn how to read tablature, also called ‘tabs’ for short, there are thousands of tab sites on the internet that you can go to learn to play the songs of your choice.
5. Useful Bonus Software
One more thing I noticed as I went along doing my Jamorama review is the fact that the bonus software that came with the course proved to very cool. I realize that for some people, the idea of learning to read music can seem scary but ‘Jayde Musica Pro’ made it easy and straight forward.
It’s also a very important thing that another bonus you get with Jamorama is an online guitar tuner and metronome. We all have to be able to keep our guitars tuned up and we all have to be able to play correctly.
If you’re looking for guitar classes that can get you to help you as a musician, Jamorama is the guitar course for you, especially the Deluxe Edition as it’s the most complete package with the most benefit.

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