martes, 12 de julio de 2011

Guitar Lessons - 4 mistakes to avoid

People all over the Internet are lookikng to learn to play guitar online available. Starting to Play Guitar is very popular, and the number of guitar players increases every day. Making mistakes is part of the natural way of human learning. To become a guitar player is not the exception. Here are the four mistakes usually made by newbies.

1. Running before walking: Some kids want to learn how to play guitar because they want to play like Hendrix, or Kirk Hammet, or Carlos Santana. I know because it happened to me. At first we need to learn chords and basic songs before we can try playing solos. I would recommend starting listening to Nirvana or The Ramones and after learning the chords, practice songs of that type to listen to the timing which by the way is extremely important.

2. Skipping tuning: Some people underestimate the importance of tuning up the guitar correctly; very often this happens because they want to start playing no matter what. Learn to tune up your guitar and then your guitar will tune you up.

3. Lack of practice: This can easily be pointed as the greatest error that a guitarist can make. To play the guitar is an art, a profession for a lot of people, that being said, it requires a lot of time and effort. The first couple of weeks with the new toy, (the guitar) it has to be the number one, you need to plan ahead a couple of hours of your day to be dedicated to practice. It is very important that if you are serious about this, if you really want to be a good guitar player, you have to start making sacrifices; after all, if you really enjoy playing, there is no need for me to say this. Automatically you will be putting other things aside to give your guitar the time she deserves.

4. Being your own teacher: A lot of guitar players after they learn a thing or two, they try to make it on their own. This is an option, but the best choice you can do is to ask help from an expert. This is going to make you take your learningto the next level. After you learn the basics, keep practicing, start learning new songs, don't get stuck with the same 8 songs for your entire life.

Buy Jamorama, the truth is that your mind will open and eventually you will have the need in your veins. Let the music flow in your head.

That being said, the best I can do for you is to direct you to the best method available,
To your success.

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