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4 Important Tips Needed To Know For Improving Guitar Skills

It is a fact that when a child picks up a guitar, he or she pictures himself (or herself) rocking like the great legends of rock on a huge scenario with fireworks and special effects, and maybe it´s just a kid with a guitar (or sometimes a broom or something like it) in front of a mirror.

If this sounds familiar to you and you to learn to play guitar like the kid with a broom, you´ll more than likely remember that feeling, that period when you had a lot of fun starting to picture yourself with a guitar and all the things were about having fun.

You could be one of two types of guitarists, the professional ones and the ones that play it as a hobby, and the two type of guitarists do it for the fun of it that’s for sure, but my point is that the ones that play for hobby start learning to play guitar and since it is not their main priority, they leave the guitar alone, or sometimes they even stop playing for long periods of time, so of course they do not improve with time, a lot of the time they actually get worse.

Well, if you were starting to play guitar a long time ago but did not take it seriously, this is your time, it is not too late to start getting better, all you need to do is have a plan to do it, a plan to improve your guitar skills. The right way to go is to begin doing things the right ways, I mean that you have to forget about a couple of things. For example, what happened to me when I started is that since I only learned to play guitar chords, when I started playing songs with a higher difficulty level I was not used to play using my pinky finger on the fretboard, I was not used to it at all.

It was only when I began taking lessons that I discovered out the way to use your pinky finger to play guitar correctly when playing solos. Ok, so let me point out tips to improve your guitar skills.

1. Plan ahead your practice sessions: there is a saying that I like a lot, it says “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, the only way to get where you are going to is by knowing where you’re going, plain and simple. So, figure out what kind of guitar you want to play guitar right, and start doing things in small steps.

2. Get a new guitar: if it is within your possibilities of course, this is a wonderful way to start improving very fast, its literally like a child with a new toy, you are going to start playing it and you will not want to put it any time soon.

3. Find a guitar learning program or a guitar teacher: with a teacher or lessons to follow you will take advantage of the knowledge of the experts and discover what you need to learn before moving forward.

4. Practice, practice, practice, and buy jamorama: You can have the best teacher, the best guitar, the best guitar course, but if you do not take action you won´t be able to improve your guitar skills, so you need to have enough time to make sure that you will be able to take action and practice what you are learning.

Winners are the ones who don’t give up, what makes the difference between those who achieve success and those who have their guitar as a dusty old toy in the closet is the will to become the best and the effort they put in what they really want. I wish you the best of luck and have a great day.

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