viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

Starting To Play Guitar

What is the deal? well, the thing is that when you are Starting To Play Guitar you must practice a lot. The more you practice, the better you get. If you really want to, you can master the guitar in about a year or so. But don't get me wrong, when I say master, I mean, to reaaaally master it, with solos, finger excersises, super difficult riffs, etc.

A great idea to Learn Guitar Online is to Buy Jamorama. Because it is a great way to learn guitar, their videos are real easy to follow and you get access to a lot of cool stuff like a metronome, a guitar tuner and great pdf books that make you improve your skills really fast.

I honestly would like to play guitar like Kirk Hammet, the lead guitarist of Metallica, I already know how to play a couple of Metallica songs, however, it´s not as easy as He makes it look. I'm currently working on the Master of Puppets solo, it´s getting really tricky in the middle part, so what I'm gonna do is use the 21 day technique.

This technique, if you aren't familiarized with it is about playing the song slowly for twenty one days, increasing speed little by little, playing it as accurately as possible. When your brain learns how to play a song slowly several times, it will become much easier to put some speed into it.

The next Metallica solo I want to learn is the solo of "One". I know it's hard, but thats what makes it so cool. Last time my band and I gathered up to jam, we attempted to play Metallica - One, but we realized that we are not sincronized yet when it comes to the last part of the song. That song is hard... but we will not give up on it.

Anyway, to all of you guitarists to become out there, continue practicing, get a nice guitar, and buy jamorama.

Don't hesitate. Starting to play guitar is really cool. Good luck and to your success.

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